Vitamin B-12 Overdose

Cobalamin or what is commonly known as vitamin B12 is one of the most important type of vitamin B complex. In fact, it is a nutrient that plays a big role in our body to remain active and healthy. Even that it is a kind of a water-soluble vitamin; it has a main difference as compared to others. Vitamin B12 is not quickly excreted through the urine. In fact, this nutrient is being stored in the other parts of our body specifically the kidney, liver and other parts and tissues.

Deficiency in vitaminB12 will lead to some discomforts in our body. But, this article will discuss about the vitamin B12 overdose. We will find out about the effects of the improper intake of vitamin B12. Eating of foods rich in vitamin B12 has a minimum risk of overdosing. But the involvement of some supplements, specifically the vitamin B12 supplement could lead to over dosage if taken in large volume beyond the recommended one.

How do you know if you encounter a vitamin B12 overdose? It is a good news that vitamin B12 overdose will not basically give you a headache. Actually, if there is an excess, it will just be eliminated in the colon. So, it is quite hard to give the specific symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. A person who is suffering from vitamin B-12 dosage is quite rare and one of a kind.  It means that you can hardly hear the news that there is someone who is paralyzed or died because of this over dosage. As it is mentioned earlier that it is a water-soluble vitamin, the excess will be gone in time or will be flushed out from our body.

The concern here is the essence of being “over.  What is taken in an excessive amount is not good even that it brings no harm in your body. Even with the fact that vitamin B12 overdose has a minimal effect in your body, it could contribute in the improper function of the kidney. Actually, all kinds of vitamins could be the cause of kidney trouble if they are taken excessively.

Another problem that you may encounter is the toxicity. Overdose of this kind of vitamin will increase the toxic level in your body. It has a risk that it will lead to a cancer depending on the harmful and helpful cells that are divided. Whatever the symptoms are, it is very important to take the proper and recommended volume.