More About Vitamin B

Vitamin plays a very important role in our body. One of most important existing vitamins is a vitamin B. Actually, vitamin B complex is referred to a group which consists of eight. So, let’s have a short review about this vitamin B complex.

Vitamin B  Complex:

Vitamin B1 – another name for this is “Thiamine”. It has an important role for our nervous system and another function is to have a proper breakdown of carbohydrates in our body.

Vitamin B2- this is also similar to the former but added to its importance is the maintenance of skin and eye’s cornea. This is also called Riboflavin.

Vitamin B3 – Known as “Niacin”. This contributes to the maintenance of skin and nerves. But it must be taken in a proper amount to avoid itching, headaches and ulcers.

Vitamin B6- another term is “Pyridoxine” which is essential in the production of red blood cells. Its function is also similar to other vitamin B complex,

Vitamin B-12- this is very essential in the proper processes and breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in our body enable that our blood regulates properly. It is also said that lack of this vitamin will cause some nervous system problems likely as brain damage.

What are listed above are just some members of vitamin B complex. Well, the similarity is that all of them are water-soluble. Hence, they’re needed to be replaced regularly due to the fast excretion.