Vitamin B foods

Vitamin B or the vitamin B complex is composed of several types. Its type has its own function and role in our body. Now, let’ discuss about the foods that could be consider enable for pour body receives a sufficient amount of vitamin B.

Vitamin B foods can be found anywhere. That is why, we have a minimal reason about the absence of vitamin B in our diet. Vitamin B 1 is one of the types of vitamin B. It has a role of energy production and it is also helping our nerve and muscle to function well. Vitamin B foods of this kind include fruits like tomato, some fruits and vegetables.  Another type of vitamin B is the vitamin B2 which is known as the Riboflavin It is also similar to vitamin B1 because they both produce energy. Vitamin B2 has also an involvement in our body processes and its main source in food is the tomato. We can see in some ketchup that they are vitamin B concentrated because they are freshly taken from the tomato.

We have the Niacin which is also considered as part of vitamin B. Deficiency of this nutrient may result to brain damages or malfunction because it has a role of helping our nervous system to function well.  There are several foods which are rich in Niacin specifically the tomato, avocados and kind of nuts.

Another kind of vitamin B is the vitamin B6 which is commonly called as the Pyridoxine. This may not be that common in our ears but this kind of vitamin has a role of controlling the tendency of allergy in our body. Not only that, it also controls depression and anxiety which are basically felt by stressed or emotionally disturbed individuals.   We can find this nutrient from bananas, any kinds of nuts and avocados.

One of the most popular kinds of vitamins is the vitamin B12 which has a bog involvement on the formation of the red blood cell. It has lots of function and deficiency of this type would lead to complications and discomforts. Several fruits are considered to be its sources.

Vitamin B Sources