Vitamin B for Weight Loss

Dreaming to have a good shape and fair weight? Well, everyone, especially ladies are positive with that idea. But how could we able to lose weight if day by day, our appetite of eating sweets and some fatty foods is increasing. We cannot deny the fact that we cannot resist our craving for foods which gradually leads to the increasing weight.

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients needed by our body. Each of these nutrients has specific function inside and their deficiency may lead to discomforts and illness. One of the most popular vitamins around is the vitamin B. It is not only known to be a vitamin for the brain and nervous system but also for burning of calories and fats which will be converted into energy. The proper amount and dosage of vitamin B will lead to weight lose and fit body.

As a continuation, vitamin B is a kind of a water soluble vitamin which is helping in the conversion of solid foods to glucose and to energy. All forms of vitamin B must be taken so that it will work out hand in hand with the weight lose. There are many types of vitamin B for weight. First, we have the thiamine which is an important recipe if you want to lose weight because it maintains the proper metabolism of sugars and starch. This is followed by the riboflavin which assists in the conversion of solid foods like meat, carbohydrates and sugar to energy. This type of vitamin B is known to be the guardian of the proper metabolism inside our body.

Then, another type of vitamin B for weight is the niacin which focuses on the proper and normal production of the thyroid hormone. The pantothenic acid has a role of energy generation that is why we are still manifesting activeness in our everyday activity. To be able our metabolism system is in a continuous normal function, the Pyridoxine plays the role of it especially in fatty acids and unsaturated fats. And the most popular is the vitamin 12 which is involved in the metabolism of each cell.