Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin that is present in the small variety of foods. Mostly, it could be found in some sea foods specifically fishes like tuna, mackerel, sardines and herring. Some dairy products are also fortified with vitamin D and also juices and some cereals.  Another natural source of vitamin D is the direct rays of sunlight, which is why; there are some people who tend to have an exposure to gain such vitamin for their body.

Vitamin D Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin D benefits in our health. In fact, this is necessary in minimizing the risk of rickets (for children) and osteoporosis (for adults). Vitamin D benefits in a term of heart conditioning and at the same time for the maintenance of the proper function of the blood vessel. This could help to those people who have a heart problem like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Another Vitamin D benefits is for the diabetes, muscle weakness, obesity and asthma and boosting of the body’s immune system

It is a requirement to have a supply of vitamin D inside our body to avoid vitamin D deficiency. It has an important function of mineral regulation (mineral namely calcium and phosphorous). Plus, it is necessary for the maintenance of the structure of our bone.

It is mentioned above that vitamin D can naturally be obtained from the direct rays of sunlight. And this is not a hard task for you to do to expose yourself under that heat. Vitamin D indeed has a lot of benefits for our body but it has also some side effects. Some of them are the kidney defects, hardening of arteries and Histoplasmosis. Vitamin D is not harmful during pregnancy but over dosage will totally lead to a problem.

Vitamin D Benefits

So, it is very important to have a further knowledge on the amount of vitamin D to be taken and know the Vitamin D benefits. It is true that all of us are making way to maintain our health but there must be a consideration on the consequences of over dosing and taking of medicine with no assurance about the proper dosage. Side effects occur naturally but it is better to know what they are to prepare yourself from the effects.