Vitamin D insufficiency

In a human nature, what is missing must be filled, but an over consumption is also a danger. We are in the page which is focusing on the facts of vitamin D. Before you had reached this page, I’m sure that you have read an overview article which provides ideas on how does vitamin D affects our health. Now, let’s go to some deeper facts which will include the vitamin D insufficiency.

Vitamin D Insufficiency could lead to…

1. Diabetes- For additional information, calcium is essential to produce and secrete insulin. Then, calcium could not regulate well if there is a vitamin D insufficiency. We should know that improper production and excretion of insulin is risky enough that leads to diabetes.

2. Cancer- hard to believe but it’s true. Not just one type but several types of cancers could possibly develop if there is vitamin D insufficiency in your body. This is due to the fact that the low level of this kind of vitamin could activate the cancer cells inside your body.

3. Bone disease – As all we know, calcium is really essential for the maintenance of our bone. Most of the people especially in the late 40’s start to feel some pain in their bone that may lead to osteoporosis. Thus, vitamin D regulates calcium to function well.

The above mentioned risks are not simple. Because if not aided, it could lead to a more complicated health situation and the worst is, it could be the cause of death. That is why, it is recommended to have a sufficient intake of Vitamin D to minimize the risk of these diseases. It should be planted in our minds that health is one of the most important wealth so we should take good care of our body.

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