Vitamin for Hair

Vitamin for Hair

What are the functions of hair in our body? Is it just for beauty? Is it just for fashion? Or there is something it can do for our health?

As you can see, our hair is placed and designed properly. It means that its common function is really evident. It protects our head specifically our scalp from the heat of the sun and necessary in holding on the hotness of or body.  Hair is not just found in the top of our head but also in our eyes. You will notice that our eyes are being protected by these eyelashes. Without these hairs, maybe, it will be easy for the insects to enter this sensitive part as well as the dust. That is why, eyelashes must be given importance. Another is in our nostril. What will happen if there is no hair that filters everything that we breathe? Unknowingly, we are breathing dust, dirt and other form particles that may be very harmful inside our body. That is why; it is designed inside to filter everything leading to a minimum risk of respiratory problem.

Vitamin for Hair

Head hair has a very thick feature and those which are surrounding to the other parts of body are just a thin coating. There is a variety of hair for every individual. It depends on the sex, race, genetic pattern and age. This is the reason why we see some people with a thick facial hair while others have not,

There is lots of vitamin for hair to be considered which help us to have a healthy hair. Vitamin for hair problem is very important. Here below is some vitamin for hair that could be a great help for our healthy hair.

Vitamin for hair is vitamin A – important in producing a sebum in the scalp. You can get this from eggs, p0ultry, cheese and etc.

Another vitamin for hair is vitamin E- Regulation of scalp is its focus.  But then, before anything else, one should see a doctor for safety prescription because this may lead to a high blood pressure.

Another important vitamin for hair is biotin- If you want to control your hair loss, this nutrient is very essential. This aid in minimizing the risk of hair graying. The Energy Boosting Vitamin