Vitamins are very important in our lives. In fact, it is recommended to have a proper intake to maintain a healthy life as well as to avoid some deadly diseases. Thus, vitamins must be always present in every serving. Foods and drinks rich with vitamins are the suggested menu but it should be better if they are associated with the supplements. With this, more protection and more assurance of a dreamed healthy life in one’s existence.

All kinds of vitamins are necessary in our health. But there are some case that if you are suffering from illness due to lack of one kind of vitamin, there must be a priority on what supplement you should take.

So, here below are the available vitamins and their important role in our body.

It is said that vitamin A is for our eyesight. Well, it is true since that it preserves the property of our vision. Plus, it also helps our skin to look younger and healthy. Vitamin B complex has a function of the red blood cells production as they are working as a team. So let’s have a review on the Vitamin C which provides a strong protection from diseases and bad bacteria. You can get this kind of vitamin in some fruits and vegetable around.

If you are concerned with your thinning backbone, you have to consider Vitamin D which is necessary for the strengthening of our bones and minimize the risk of osteoporosis. Together with calcium, they both protect our teeth and minimize the risk of hair loss. Two more kinds of vitamins are vitamin E and K. The former is for the maintenance of skin as we grow older. It is also good for our lungs and heart. There is also a study that shows vitamin K can be useful for cells because it protects them from oxidative stress.

Meanwhile, it is also considered an anti- Inflammatory vitamin.

More consideration regarding vitamins