List of Vitamins

Our body needs nutrients and vitamins in able to perform our everyday’s task.  Sure enough, we have an idea about what vitamins are important and useful in our health. Actually, it is a fact that all kind of vitamins have its own function.  But, this article will give you more information n0ot only about “what” but also about “how” the list of vitamins affects our health.

Below are some common vitamins that have been proven to be essentials in our health. Not only that they give activeness and alertness but they also serve as protection from some illnesses, complications and diseases.

Vitamin A is known to be a nutrient that maintains the beauty of our skin as well as the keenness of our eyes.  That is why, it is considered to be a vitamin that has a function in our vision. We have also the vitamin B complex which is composed of different types.  Each of them has a function in our body like breaking down of proteins, maintenance of our brain and nervous system.  You can get this vitamin B complex from the common foods like dairy products, fruits, vegetables and some sea foods.

Another important vitamin is the vitamin C. Among the other list of vitamins, vitamin C is the most popular especially for kids. We may not deny the fact that there are lots of advertisements about vitamin C supplements.  This kind of vitamin has a function of a rapid formation of collagen. Not only that, it is also helping the maintenance of our bones and guns. You can get vitamin C from fruits like cherries, berries, oranges and apples.  Vegetables are also good sources of vitamin C especially the spinach, legumes and broccoli.  This kind of vitamin is also changed to a supplement in case that there an insufficient enough in the body, there is still an option.

Not forgetting the vitamin D which can be naturally taken from the sun.  The main function of this vitamin is the maintenance of a healthy teeth and bones.  We have also the vitamin E which h is considered to be an antioxidant. It serves as protection of our cells from the bad and damaged substance inside our body.

Vitamins for Better health