Vitamins During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable moments of a mother; In fact, every member of the family is excited to see the new angel. Pregnant women must have a proper care to their especially with the fact that a pregnancy stage is critical and there must be a thorough sense of taking good for them to minimize the risk of danger.


Vitamins. During pregnancy, the importance of different kinds of vitamins is evident and very much visible. Pregnant women need to see to it that they have the balance and right nutrients on their body. It is very essential for them to maintain their health which will lead to a healthy pregnancy and of course for the benefit of the baby.  It is very important to be aware about the kind of vitamins that are very much helpful during pregnancy.

  1. Calcium – Remember that pregnant women are not just taking vitamins just for themselves but also for the baby they will deliver in time. Calcium is essential for the healthy development of the baby’s bone. You can find this nutrient from some dairy products and vegetables.

  2. Protein – Known as building block in our body, it is very important to give the baby the right amount of protein that they deserve. You can find protein from products like meat, fish, cheese and eggs.

  3. Vitamin B- This is a water soluble vitamin that has eight types. They are commonly called as vitamin B complex. Though they work as a team, they have the function to maintain the central nervous system. Lack of vitamin B may lead to some serious complications especially to the baby.

  4. Zinc – Cell is an essential component of our body. Each cell has a big role to make our body complete and gives possibility to every part to function well. Baby inside the womb must start his life healthy so cell growth is very important.  Zinc is a mineral that has a function of producing enzymes for the pregnant women.

These are just few of the many vitamins needed by pregnant women. But before buying them, it is very essential to consult your doctor.

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