Vitamins for Brains

We all know that our brains are very important as we are living. Obviously, our brain is one of the important parts for us to survive.  Nowadays, there are many issues regarding to the brain damages and brain disorder. Not also that, it is also common that a lot of people suffer from memory gap, decreased brain power and lose of concentration. The reason of these experiences is lack of nutrients which are specifically required by our brain.

We should be aware that eating more foods is not a guarantee that we live healthy. Eating may satisfy our stomachs but a balance diet could satisfy the other parts of our body. As it is mentioned above, our brain is one of the important parts of our body, so it must be given attention and importance. We should take good care of it to avoid some brain diseases and complications. There are list of vitamins which are ideal for our brain. This list of vitamins can be found in common foods around and of course in a form of supplement.

The first in the list is the Vitamin B12. Vitamin B has many types but this vitamin B12 is more effective as long as the proper function is concerned. It is known that this kind of vitamin maintains tour nerve cells and it protects us from the electrical impulses. Another benefit of this vitamin is the alertness of our brain and of course it boosts up our moods to minimize the risk of depression.

Folic Acid is also one of the list of vitamins which is good for the brain.  Like vitamin B12, it also improves the alertness of our brain and it has been known to enhance the short term memory.  That is why, it is considered to be a nutrient that improves the brain power.  Aside from the vitamin supplement, we can find folic acid from the leafy vegetables. You can also find that nutrient from the beans, legumes and lentils.

Vitamin C is considered to be an antioxidant.  It helps in elimination of the molecules inside our body that can damage our brain.  As for today, vitamin C supplement is already available in the market and in the drug store. You can find this vitamin C in foods especially in fruits and vegetables. Including in the list of vitamins is the vitamin E which is also an antioxidant. You can find this vitamin from foods like nuts, sweet potatoes and grains.