Vitamins for Our Health

We all know that vitamins and minerals are very important in our lives. They play important roles to maintain our health and to protect us from harmful diseases and complications.  Below here are list of vitamins which are helpful in our health. These vitamins are not only beneficial in a physical aspect but also in our mental, emotional and intellectual capacity.

You may be asking about the sense of giving information about the benefits of the vitamins.  Well, this is just a motivation to every individual in order for them to be motivated in taking those nutrients. The first in line is the vitamin A. We may hear from our parents before that yellow foods are good for our eyes. Well, it does not exactly mean that only yellow foods contain nutrients that are good for the eyes. Foods rich in vitamin A help individual in the prevention of some eye defects like night blindness and cataracts In short, it preserves the health of our eye and essential in the protection of our eyesight. Vitamin A serves as antioxidant in which fights against skin problems and infections.

Another group of vitamin is the vitamin B complex. It is composed of different types which work together. Each of them has a specific and important role in our body. For pregnant women, vitamin B9 is very important. It helps in avoiding the risk of birth defects. Plus, this nutrient is beneficial to the baby as he or she grows older. Another type of vitamin B is the vitamin B12 which has many benefits in our body. It is proven that this type of nutrient is good for the emotional aspect of the person. Plus, it is essential in strengthening of our nerves. It also helps in the avoidance of brain diseases.

Another vitamin is the vitamin C which is popular because of its capability of sickness prevention. This nutrient strengthens our immune system. It also aids the sick individuals in the faster recovery of their illness. There are so many vitamin C supplements available in the local drug stores and pharmacies and these are being taken by many people.We have also the vitamin D which has a specific function in our bones. This is very important because it minimizes the bone problem during the range of senior ages. We should also have a n idea about vitamin K which is helping us in the problem of blood clotting.